16×2 LCD With LPC1768 ARM Microcontroller | In Depth

LCD is an output display device abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display. Many varieties and types of LCD comes into the market and out of them, 16×2 LCD is the simplest one and is easy to be interfaced. As the name suggests it is a 2 line display and each line supports up-to 16 characters. The 16×2 LCD is a  16 pin device having a PCB mounted controller and a display. The controller listens to the data ports and generates the pattern to be displayed according to the i/p data. Out of…

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Sending SMS using GSM Module and LPC2148

SIM300 GSM Module

When accessing GSM networks comes in picture in embedded system ,the only way around i to use GSM/GPRS modules which provides RS-232/UART interface and supports for AT command sets (Commands used for calling,Messaging etc) and usually easy to integrate with embedded modules. Some of the modules manufactured by SIMCOM are widely used as they are pretty cheap and are easily available.This post is about connecting a SIM300 module to LPC2148 using UART and send message to a mobile number. The SIM module is connected to the LPC2148 by using the…

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R30X Finger Print Module Device Interfacing

Many of you must have heard about the fingerprint sensor which a nice way to provide security. Here i have given the interfacing of the R30X fingerprint sensor module with  ARM LPC2148 board but the basics remain the same for all the micro-controllers. The first thing for interfacing the sensor with the controller is the handshaking, in which the controller first sends a signal or hex codes to the sensor and it acknowledges. After handshaking, only the controller can talk to the sensor. unsigned char Message[16] = {0XEF,0X01,0XFF,0XFF,0XFF,0XFF,0X01,0X00,0X07,0X13,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X1B}; This line…

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Custom Character Generator for 16×2/Dot Matrix LCD

MAX7219 LED Matrix Custom Char

Around microcontrollers, 16×2 LCD is a great way of displaying information to users. They are the cheapest and easy to use. Moreover, there are tons of libraries available to use these across different microcontrollers. If you want to learn more about 16×2 displays interfacing, you can check out this post. In this post, we will discuss how to show custom characters in a 16×2 LCD and dot matrix displays also. To generate the array bytes for such character generation I have written a small JAVA program, which lets you draw…

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