OpenHAB: Installation on Windows for Home Automation

OpenHAB on Windows

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OpenHAB is a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for making home automation easier. This video is around how to get started with OpenHAB 2. In fact, this is going to be a series of video around it as I have completely shifted towards OpenHAB for my home automation system. Earlier actually I was using my own automation system built on PHP, JAVA, and MongoDB and it was becoming hard for me to manage that and so I thought of getting into already existing automation system and with a bit of googling I came across two systems which are OpenHAB and Home Assistant. Home Assistant is developed around Python and OpenHAB is around JAVA and as I am more familiar with JAVA I went with OpenHAB. One more aspect that I liked about it is persistence using different databases as that would help me as I am already using MongoDB and I don’t want to change that. You can even install this onto a Raspberry Pi but for this tutorial, we will focus on how to install it on a Windows PC as a full-fledged PC can give a lot of flexibility and computation power. Moreover, I was having an old laptop which I salvaged to do the job.  Usage of the laptop also gives you the advantage of battery backup in case of power failure.

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