Programming Linkit Smart 7688 DUO using Arduino IDE

Linkit Smart 7688 DUO

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Linkit Smart 7688 DUOIn this tutorial, we will see how to program the Atmega324 controller of Linkit Smart 7688 DUO module using the Arduino IDE. The boards come in two flavors, Linkit Smart 7688 and Linkit Smart DUO. The difference between both is that the DUO has an ATMEGA324 controller apart from the main MPU which can be programmed using Arduino. In DUO module GPIOs of both the MPU as well as MCU are exposed and some are even multiplexed. The MCU can also be interfaced or controlled using the MPU but in this tutorial, we will program the MCU from a host PC by using the onboard micro USB socket from Arduino IDE.



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Linkit 7688 DUO Pin Mapping


Getting Started with DUO Module:
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