Install LUBUNTU OS on Orange Pi Zero

Lubuntu Installation

lubuntu on orange pi zeroInstalling LUBUNTU OS on Orange Pi Zero. This video demonstrates starting from downloading OS to making a static IP for Orange Pi to updating the OS for usage.

What’s Orange Pi Zero?
It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian. It uses the AllWinner H2 SoC and has 256MB/512MB DDR3 SDRAM(256MB version is Standard version

Source: Orange PI Official (




Links :
Checkout Orange Pi Zero:
LUBUNTU (OPI Zero) Download:
Tempermokey Chrome Addon:
Tempermonkey Baidu Download Script:
Win32 Disk Imager:
SD Formatter Windows:

Website (Orange Pi Zero):
Website(LUBUNTU) :


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