DHT12 Interfacing with Raspberry Pi using Pi4J


DHT12 Interfacing with Raspberry Pi using Pi4JThis video around raspberry pi showing how to interface DHT12 humidity and temperature sensor with raspberry pi by using JAVA nad Pi4j. DHT12 its a temperature sensor with a 1-Wire and I2C interface to connect with external controllers and having 1-Wire interface makes it compatible with the older DHT11 sensor but with a higher accuracy. For this tutorial, we are going to use the I2C interface of the sensor and to interact with it, we will be using JAVA. One issue with the DHT12 I2C interface is that the device address is not changeable which limits the multiple sensor interfacing to the same I2C bus as we can’t have diff address for each sensor.

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package in.weargenius.main;

import com.pi4j.io.i2c.I2CBus;
import com.pi4j.io.i2c.I2CDevice;
import com.pi4j.io.i2c.I2CFactory;

public class Main {

    private static I2CDevice   dev = null;
    static boolean x =false;
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
		System.out.println("DHT12 Pi4j Example.");
        I2CBus bus = I2CFactory.getInstance(I2CBus.BUS_1); //

        dev = bus.getDevice(0x5c); //Address for MCp23017 change if A0,A1,A2 are connected to diff potenrial
        byte data[] = new byte[5];
        dev.read(0x00,data, 0,5);
	     	System.out.println(data[0]); //Humidity
	     	System.out.println(data[1]); //HUmidity decimal places
	     	System.out.println(data[2]); //Temperature
	     	System.out.println(data[3]); //Temperature decimal places
	     	System.out.println(data[4]); // Checksum = data[0]+data[1]+data[2]+data[3]

         	double humidity=Double.parseDouble(data[0]+"."+data[1]);
         	double temperature=Double.parseDouble(data[2]+"."+data[3]);
         	System.out.println("humidity is : "+humidity+" %RH");
         	System.out.println("Temperature is : "+temperature+" °C");
     		System.out.println("Error in communication.");

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Download Pi4J Library: http://bit.ly/2j32blF
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