Build Simple Music Player With AlbumArt Support

This is a sample music player app which has play, pause and seek features. This is just a basic music player with a little customization. This type of app is suitable for mini projects. This basic music player also displays the default album art of the selected song. The app basically scans your whole External SD card recursively and add the songs to a Listview using a BaseAdapter class.

Main Activity showing the list of Songs present in the SD Card. 

M2Activity, Playing the song clicked on the Main Activity.

Understanding In Detailed
The src folder contains 4 java classes, the which performs the adding of the songs in the ListView, is just a structure class which handles operations of Song Name and Song Path. is a baseadapter implemented class and the last, is the class which does the rest of the work, i.e playing the clicked song.

You can find the .apk file which is located in the /SampleMusic/bin/SampleMusic.apk
Download the complete project here: SampleMusic

Found Bugs, Comment it, we will be glad to fix them 😉 !

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