DHT12 Sensor Interfacing with Linkit Smart 7688 Duo using Python/Arduino

I got the Linkit 7688 Duo couple of years back but was not able to work on it apart from getting started and programming the onboard Atmega(w/ Arduino Bootloader) using Arduino IDE video. But recently I thought of checking out the python programming aspect of it, as the MPU runs an OpenWRT based lightweight OS over which we can run any programming language as long as the limited resources available on the board are sufficient. The board comes with one MPU (MT7688) and one MCU(Atmega32U4) I am working on a…

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Setting up NextCloud on Raspberry Pi


I have a NAS running OMV which also hosts the PLEX media server, which serves all my media needs, but when it comes to documents and software which I always download a lot, it is always a cumbersome process to manage them all. I download lots of datasheets and software for different projects which I tend to store to avoid the repetitive download of the same items. So I thought of trying out som one premise file hosting solutions like OwnCloud and NextCloud. I checked both and settled with Next…

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LockDown PC based on availability of Bluetooth Device


This article describes a method of locking the PC when the user is not around.Actually it detects the user mobile phone’s bluetooth (And yes it has to be turned on all the time.) and if the application can’t find the phone it sends a command to lock down the workstation.The codes are written in  JAVA and it uses the Bluecove library ,which is a open source one. The app uses the bluetooth MAC address instead of the name so as to provide security. So first we need to find out…

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Automatic Backup of my Home Automation System (OpenHAB, InfluxDB, Grafana, Node-RED, MonogoDB)

RAK831 LoRa Gateway

I use different tools like OpenHAB, InfluxDB, Grafana, Node-RED, MonogoDB etc. in my Home Automation System. There is always a chance any tool may crash or the server may crash or HDD may fail or due to some other causes can lead to data loss. This has happened to me earlier also where I again had to start my setup from scratch but it taught me a lesson, backups are really important. So I went ahead and wrote a simple shell script to do the backup tasks automatically with a…

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Raspberry Pi as Torrent Machine

I wanted to download torrent content and for that, I was not interested to use my PC as most of the time it gets switched off (Due to my day job), and I was looking for uninterrupted download. So I picked up a Raspberry Pi, laying around, and set it up with deluge and VPNBook free VPN. So basically the post is all about how I set it up. Here we will be setting up the deluge daemon and the web UI as well to the raspberry pi. The Deluge…

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Restoring Division Algorithm Implementation In C

creenshot from 2015-08-26 11_15_19.png

This is a dynamic program for the implementation of the Restoring division Algorithm in the C. Restoring Division uses Left Shift Operations, Twos’ Compliment and Binary Addition. #include<stdio.h> #include<malloc.h> int * a, * q, * m, * mc, * c, n, d; int powr(int x, int y) { int s = 1, i; for (i = 0; i < y; i++) s = s * x; return s; } void print(int arr[], int n) { int i; for (i = 0; i < n; i++) printf(“%d “, arr[i]); } void…

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