16×2 LCD With LPC1768 ARM Microcontroller | In Depth

LCD is an output display device abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display. Many varieties and types of LCD comes into the market and out of them, 16×2 LCD is the simplest one and is easy to be interfaced. As the name suggests it is a 2 line display and each line supports up-to 16 characters. The 16×2 LCD is a  16 pin device having a PCB mounted controller and a display. The controller listens to the data ports and generates the pattern to be displayed according to the i/p data. Out of…

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PIR Sensor with Arduino


PIR sensors are really simple and easy to use as well as cheap motion detection sensor. The feature that it is easy to interface with any microcontroller makes it widely usable. This post is a simple one around how to interface any PIR sensor having digital output to the arduino board. There are many kinds of PIR sensors available having stuff like onboard relay etc. but the one I am using gives digital output whenever it detects motion. Due to that, it is easy to interface with any microcontroller.  …

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Appliances Control System using Raspberry Pi and Node.js

RPi GPIO Programming using Arduino Web IDE

This is a Raspberry Pi based project using Raspberry Pi and Node.js which lets the user control appliances connected to the Raspberry Pi. Node.js acts as a server which serves a UI for the user to control the desired appliances. According to the input by the user, the node.js script running on Raspberry Pi toggles the GPIO required and the state of the device connected to the GPIO, gets changed.As most appliances operate from AC supply, mechanical or solid state Relays has to be used to control the appliances. The…

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