Sending SMS using GSM Module and LPC2148

SIM300 GSM Module

When accessing GSM networks comes in picture in embedded system ,the only way around i to use GSM/GPRS modules which provides RS-232/UART interface and supports for AT command sets (Commands used for calling,Messaging etc) and usually easy to integrate with embedded modules. Some of the modules manufactured by SIMCOM are widely used as they are pretty cheap and are easily available.This post is about connecting a SIM300 module to LPC2148 using UART and send message to a mobile number. The SIM module is connected to the LPC2148 by using the…

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Cheap LoRa Gateway using Pi & RAK831

RAK831 LoRa Gateway

Lately, I have been working with LoRAWAN and I don’t have Lora gateway around. As you might be knowing LoRAWAN network requires a gateway to push data to the internet. As Lora is not an IP based protocol the gateway helps it in doing so. Basically, multiple LoRAWAN nodes transmit data to the gateway and the gateway transfers the concentrated data to server backend. Server backend which resides in the cloud contains a network server which helps in managing the network and the application server which is responsible for the data and…

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